Our brands

Our brands represent tradition, innovation and adventure in the world.
They are the trademarks of trendy fashion style, sports at high altitude and forty years of authentic Italian history.

Ciesse Piumini | Fourty years anniversary Ciesse Piumini Ciesse Outdoor

Ciesse Piumini Collections

Ciesse Piumini tells the story of two worlds through its two collections: Outdoor and Urban. The starting point for the design of each item is always its function, ensuring we create two carefully considered collections each of which has a precise use and has been manufactured with different techniques. The look and colours are different, but not only: they stand apart especially with regards to function and details.

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Ciesse Outdoor

The Outdoor collection has been designed for sports, journeys in cold climates and adventures in fresh snow or in extreme conditions.

Ciesse Outdoor

Ciesse Piumini

The Urban collection also showcases the same concepts of quality and technology which it combines with modernity and trend. It could be defined as "useful fashion" as the product's features are multi-functional while always in line with the latest trends.