Our history


Historic Italian brand Ciesse Piumini was founded in 1976 in Borgo Buggiano by Silvano Cinelli. Signing the brand with his initials, Silvano understood that goose feather has the power to create highly technical pieces of clothing for skiing and climbing. The key to Ciesse Piumini’s success was the uncompromising quality of its products, created with materials that were avant-garde at the time such as Gore-tex, and the ability to interpret the urban needs of the public who connected the brand to extreme expeditions into the mountains and Antarctic.

Silvano also created warm, soft and comfortable feather-lined jackets for city-wear showcasing typical Italian cut and style. The experience accrued from creating natural feather-lined jackets for mountain and Antarctic expeditions was applied over the years to the sector of urban fashion, making the brand an icon for teenagers in the 1980s and 1990s.


Since 2010 the brand has been owned in Italy and also in Germany, Austria, Russia, Norway, Luxembourg, China and Japan.

The brand

Every company has a heart. Ciesse Piumini’s is inextricably linked to nature, authenticity and freedom. Almost forty years since the company was founded, its objectives have remained unchanged: to offer an increasingly attentive clientele highly technical clothing that interprets their desire to dress stylishly at all times regardless of the season. This spirit is perfectly captured by the Ligrone brand.

Ligrone is still viewed with love and affection by the generation of consumers wearing its clothing in the midst of the economic boom in the 80s and 90s. The company accompanied the birth of a number of phenomena characterising those years of unrest and socio-cultural transformation: the conception of the paninari movement, the broadcasting of now “cult” television series, the affirmation of disco music and the success of films like “Vacanze di Natale” that ironically told the story of Italian society.

But what is a ligrone? A ligrone (liger) is a rare and extraordinary cat first born in the French zoo of Thoiry, the offspring of a lion from Kenya and a tiger from Bengala. The liger inherited power and authority from the lion and elegance and insatiable curiosity from the tiger. It has two souls, just like Ligrone products.

Ciesse Piumini

Ciesse Piumini adventures

Only a person with deep roots, only a person who has experienced real adventures, only a person who is authentic… will be a protagonist forever. Dedicated to every person who respects the world and loves freedom.

Climbing expedition in the Himalayas

Over the years our products have been the protagonists of countless adventures.

From high-altitude climbing in the Himalayas to explorations in Greenland and the Antarctic. From expeditions in the wildest areas of Central Africa and rallies and tests like Paris-Dakar, the Camel Trophy, the Pharaons Rally, Canada-Patagonia and the Icelandic Rally. From Iditarod, the sled race in Alaska, to the Ocean regattas such as the Portofino-New York Race or the Alisei Regatta. To Antarctic sailing expeditions.

Our story is based on these and other adventures, a story of an extremely dynamic company operating with a global approach in increasingly complex markets.

Alongside our technical products we also offer sports-style clothing perfect for hobbies or for customers wanting to wear an adventure look. Our customers often resemble us and, like Ciesse, have experienced great things, have a constant desire to push themselves and believe strongly in "Made in Italy".