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Goose Feather

From skiing to sailing, from adventures to hobbies, over the years Ciesse has continued to design, test and produce excellent quality clothing. It’s secret? Careful attention to research and processing raw materials with patented processes to ensure the goose feathers stay where they should be. Ciesse’s undisputed strength is goose down. Our technologies make the most out of this natural product to generate optimal quality.

Since its foundation, Ciesse has always carried out checks at each stage of the manufacturing process, from selecting the raw product, to washing and the successive operations making it a qualitative leader in terms of both national and international competition.

Ciesse Piumini only uses 800 Fill Power down for its new Super Light collections to guarantee customers warmth and comfort.

Fill power

Fill Power is the most commonly used measurement unit to test the quality of down. There is a considerable difference between down and feathers. Down is a three-dimensional flake with no rigid central column known as the rachis, which is typical of feathers; rather the flake is constituted from a central nucleus from which sprout countless very fine elastic filaments, forming the basis of its unparalleled insulating power.

There is no other “synthetic” product in nature that can equal down’s isothermal and hygroscopic properties. Fill Power measures the down’s capacity to occupy volume in addition to its elastic capacity to return to a fluffy state after it has been compressed. The more fluffy, the better its lining performance in terms of lightness, heat and comfort. The longer the filament of the flake, the better its fluffiness*.

The lining of a down jacket provides warmth by trapping a layer of air that separates the body from the outdoors. The more air it can trap, the higher its thermal resistance. The thickness of the layer of air created is commonly called the “loft”. To create the same loft dimension the Piumino 800 Fill Power uses 40% feathers with at least 550 Fill Power, creating light and comfortable clothing.

* International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory and Institute (IDFL - applies the following procedures: Note and Comparison of Labelling Standards. "The Japanese Household Good Quality Labelling Law" allows a tolerance of absolute +/3% of the quantity of down to feather for the score of 90/10 on jacket labels.

800 Fill Power

ECO feather

In addition to our extensive experience of goose down processing, Ciesse also has in-depth knowledge about a number of other materials, from wool to nylon ripstop and from Kevlar to Gore-tex. Ciesse uses this knowledge to improve the performance of each item of clothing we manufacture for the person who will wear it.

Once manufactured, each item is tested in both strict laboratory tests and on the ground, with ventures that often push human possibilities to the limit.

Eco-Tech Project®

Eco-Tech Project® Eco-Tech Project®

Ciesse Piumini is proud to present the new “eco-tech” project, born out of a love for research, innovation and respect for nature. Using latest generation fibres, our eco-sustainable products provide and guarantee excellent thermal efficiency and high comfort using up to 90% recycled materials.

Thermore Ecodown®

Thermore Ecodown® Thermore Ecodown®

Thermore Ecodown® was designed to recreate the fluffiness of feather while maintaining the benefits of a technical thermal lining. Though it has a unique softness, Thermore Ecodown® can be used as a normal filler and poses no complications to the manufacturing phase. What’s more, just like our other thermal Thermore® linings, Ecodown® creates items easily and enables the greatest freedom of movement. The softness does not limit the resistance of the product. Thermore Ecodown® also features Thermore® finish to keep the textile fibres where they should be and enable the item to be dry cleaned.


Fellex® Fellex®

Fellex® spherical structures and the countless fibres they contain guarantee high heat retention.


Eco/Cloud® Eco/Cloud®

Eco/Cloud is a material made out a super soft and extremely fluffy polyester making it superbly insulating and wash resistance.