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The padding in real certified down has always been the identifying element of Ciesse Piumini. This is the reason why we work every day to constantly improve: purity, quality and respect for the environment and animals are the basis of our philosophy. Fill Power means the ability of the feather to occupy volume and give warmth while ensuring the greatest possible lightness. The Fill Power is inversely proportional to the weight of the jacket, but directly linked to its performance. Ciesse Piumini uses 90% of the feather flock, the softest, most precious and delicate part, and only the remaining 10% of the stiffest part.



1000 fill power is the highest quality real down commercially available, and is considered the absolute highest standard in terms of thermal insulation. At the same time the 1000 Fill Power is highly compressible, ultralight and incredibly warm.


800FP *

With exceptional warmth, thanks to a high concentration of down flocks, the 800 Fill Power guarantees optimal levels of volume and compressibility, offering excellent warmth and performance.



The 700 Fill Power down is characterized by an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and guarantees ultra-light thermal insulation even at higher temperatures.


The 600 Fill Power real down is warm, light and resistant. It is the ideal choice for various kinds of outdoor activities, but above all for everyday use.


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Different types of feather “flake” based on the volume of the Fill Power


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Feather certified to IDFL standards

The fill power is inversely proportional to the weight of the garment, but directly linked to its performance, 800 Fill Power down represents in fact an excellent quality product: maximum warmth and insulation with the lowest possible weight. Ciesse has always used 90% of the feather flock: the softest, most precious and delicate part, capable of retaining heat and guaranteeing the best body temperature even at very low temperatures.